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HVIS will be closed until AT LEAST FRIDAY 24 APRIL, 2020. All events planned or notified between 26 March 2020 and that date are therefore CANCELLED. In addition, the inaugural HVIS - GFHA Challenge is POSTPONED until later in 2020 at a time yet to be decided.

The Management Committee will decide on a re-opening date, and what if any events will occur, during the week ending 24 April, 2020. Members will be advised of that decision by email as soon afterwards as practicable, and this page will be updated accordingly.

The New Zeland Government has a website dedicated to providing accurate, up-to-date, and reliable information on COVID-19. We recommend you refer to this rather than news-media or social media for accurate information.

The Irish Government has a series of web-pages on its official website detailing its response to the pandemic.

As well, both government's maintain Embassies in each others country. These are useful sources of information relevant to their citizens living overseas.

The Irish Embassy in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Embassy Ireland.

It can be difficult to identify the information you need on websites you aren't familiar with, so both Embassies welcome telephone calls from citizens needing assistance.

As stated at the top of this page the HVIS premises at Raroa Road are closed until AT LEAST FRIDAY 24 APRIL. Which means that our events are also CANCELLED. As well, the inaugural HVIS - GFHA Challenge is POSTPONED until later in the year at a time yet to be decided.

The Management Committee will decide on a re-opening date during the week ending 24 April.

The Committee is also keen to encourage ANY of our members/friends to get in touch if they need a little help. That might range from grocery shopping and delivery, to walking the dog, to advice and guidance, to accommodation needs, or simply a chat.

So: if YOU need a little help, who/how to contact? Key contacts are:

The Management Committee is also aware there are other Irish people in the area who are not HVIS members, and who either already or soon will also need more concrete assistance. These could be young Irish people travelling, or who lose their jobs because their employer has had to close.

Many of these are contacting the Embassy, because they need assistance with, for example food, or accommodation, or travel around New Zealand. The Management Committee have asked the Ambassador, Peter Ryan, to tell local people such as these to contact HVIS directly.

To help meet what may be a sizable group with real needs, we have set up a special Assistance Fund, with an initial contribution from Club funds of $2,000. We would encourage those HVIS members who are able, to make a donation, large or small, to the Fund by making a deposit to account # 06-0529-0416815-03. Please use your family name as your reference.

The donations are intended for people in dire straits, as advised by the Embassy, with final decisions on disbursements made by the HVIS Management Committee. Funds raised will be spent helping Hutt Valley people first, followed by those from Wellington and if need be elsewhere in New Zealand.

Additionally, we would like to build a capability record of assistance we (as a group) can offer those in need. So we're asking HVIS members:

  • * Can they house Irish people currently stranded in NZ?
  • * Do they have a secondary residence (e.g. a rental property/bach/holiday home) which could house someone stranded?
  • * Are they happy to be a support person by phone?
  • * Are they able to help out with delivering items (e.g. groceries/medication) to people in need?
  • * Can they offer advice / guidance regarding applying for income support?
  • * Is there any other help they can offer which they think would be useful?

If they can answer 'YES' to any of those questions, we're asking them to email the details to I-can-help@huttirish.org.nz.