What do we get up to?

2017 HVIS search for a Rose of Tralee

The 2017 search for a Hutt Valley Irish Society Rose of Tralee is on. We're looking for a young woman aged 18 to 27 & of Irish birth or ancestry who wants to win a trip to Ireland. More »

St Patrick's Day

It's St Patrick's Day again at the HVIS. See what's on, when, and what not to miss! More »

Santa & a couple of HVIS friends, 2016

An ever-green friend of our children came to The Club for the festivities in December, 2016. Have a wee peek at the fun & games they got up to: More »

Our community

  • Other Irish Societies

    There are other groups like ours throughout New Zealand. We have their contact details. More »
  • GAA

    Similarly, there are other GAA groups around New Zealand. We have a close relationship with the Wellington-Hutt Valley GAA, but also have a list of other groups as well. More »
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  • Government

    The Irish Government has a representative in New Zealand, but there are also other elements of the Government it is helpful to be able to find. More »
  • Tourism

    New Zealanders travel. The Irish in New Zealand often travel to Ireland. There are lots of online guides to where to go, what to do, where to stay, and how to get there. More »
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