How to join

Membership requires the completion of a Form, including the nomination by two members of the Society, acceptance of the application by the Management Committee, and the payment of an annual subscription.

The Rules of the Society say that "Membership shall be available to persons of Irish descent and those with a close interest in the objects of the Society."

An application for membership means you agree to abide by the Rules of the Society, and adhere to the Objects of the Society, which has always been taken to mean the promotion of Irish culture.

If you wish to join, complete the Application for Membership form.

Current members wishing to RENEW their membership (i.e. pay their subscription for the current year) can make payment in person at the Society, or by following the steps on Subscription Renewal page.

Subscriptions are:

  • Family membership (includes children under 18)

  • Single membership

  • Pensioner (single)

  • Pensioner (couple)



Payment can be made by Direct Credit or by Cash at the Club.