Pot Luck Dinners

On the last Sunday of each month we hold a family Pot Luck Dinner.  In other words, all members are invited to attend, bringing with them a 'contribution' to the evening meal.

It is an informal affair, with most families arriving about 5:00 pm.  The food is served at 6:00 pm, and most of those with children get them home to bed by about 7:30 pm.

This function is generally well-attended, and good fun for all involved.

The kids enjoy the chance to run about, to mix with the adults, and to eat.  The adults get a chance to catch with friends, and enjoy a quiet drink and a good meal.

The food is almost invariably interesting, and a fascinating mix - curries to stews, roast chicken to bacon & egg pies, salads to pasta - everything is welcome, eaten and enjoyed.

By way of variation in summer we sometimes make one of these a Barbecue function, using the grounds of one of the local schools, so there access to toilets, water, and of course a playground for the kids.

And in winter we make one a "mid-winter Christmas" affair - mulled wine, and 'christmassy' food like fruit mince pies, etc.

If you're in the area, why not join us?

October 31, 2010, our Pot Luck fell on Halloween. So, of course, we made that a feature. Have a look at who turned up? for dinner!