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Cuir síoda ar ghabhar agus is gabhar i gcónaí é

(Put silk on a goat and it is still a goat.)

December 2021


The Government guidelines have made it clear that clubs must operate with Vaccine Passes (i.e. be a mandated site) if they are to stay open through the different colours of the Protection Framework.


We confirm we’re a vaccine-mandated site, so when you come to the club you’ll need to:

  • • be vaccinated
  • • scan your covid tracer app on the way into the club or sign the register
  • • be able to show your My Vaccine Pass when asked (note children under 12 are exempt)

If you’ve not yet got your Vaccine Pass, go to


As usual, we’re holding a number of functions for the festive season.

First up was the Seniors’ Afternoon Tea – always a hit with us sweet-toothed elderly, held on November 28.

Then those slightly younger, the Adults, let their hair down and get their knees up on Saturday 11 December. It’s an evening Shindig, with live music and the chance to reflect on getting through another year with some of those who’ve helped you make it.

img src="" align="left" width="159" height="150">And then to lead into the visit of the Old Man himself, our ever-popular Kids’ Party is set down for 19 December. You’ll need to register the details of your (grand)kids. Details are below.



These are still being finalised, so watch for emails with details.


The 2021 HVIS Kids’ Christmas Party is scheduled to take place on Sunday 19 December, at The Club. As usual we need your help to make this a success.

Firstly, we need to know who is going to be there, and a few details about them.

Secondly, we need some help paying for the presents we get for them. So please help us out by completing our Registration Form.

And lastly we appreciate some help running the games which entertain and engage the kids. So if you can help in this regard, please let us know with a quick note to


“Reading is an exercise in empathy; an exercise in walking in someone else’s shoes for a while.” - Malorie Blackman

The Book Club is holding its final meeting for the year on Thursday 16 December, subject, of course, to the new Covid Framework. Their selection is Milkman by Anna Burns. If you’re interested in joining the group, or maybe starting your own, get a copy of the book to read, and just turn up to their session.


The new year is looking promising! Keep an eye out for details of the next installment of our ever-popular QUIZ NIGHTS. And we’re working on details of a programme of interactive evenings about compiling and publishing family histories or stories. And that’s before we get to St Patrick’s Day, and our new, ad hoc, Disk O’Nights!

Wellington Irish and D4 are delighted to invite you to a very special celebration on Sunday, 5 December 2021 as they mark a new home for Wellington Irish in the capital. D4 Allen Street will become the exclusive home of Wellington Irish.

They will be screening the Late Late Toy Show with Santa from 1pm. Registration is required for the screening of the Late Late Toy Show. They have Santa visiting after the showing of the Late Late Toy Show. Parents are asked to please bring a small named and wrapped gift for their child (Value $10-$15), to fill the sack to be handed out to each child on the day.

Irish-Themed Afternoon Tea from 3pm. They will be serving up a feast of Irish treats to remind you of home served with a glass of bubbles or non-alcoholic beverage of choice. Please indicate in the ticket details your dietary requirements. $20 pp.

Craic (fun), Caint (chat) agus (and) Ceol (music) from 5pm. This is a chance for everyone to kick back and enjoy the evening, with some music, a few drinks, chats and catch ups. Appropriate Covid-19 alert level restrictions apply.


A quick reminder that the GAA team are running sessions for kids each week. Sign up here for more information or contact our Youth Officer Siobhán Cotter at or call 021 078 9663.

Lock Saturday 4 December into your calendars because they’re going to be taking to the white sand of Oriental Bay for their annual Gaelic football beach tournament. It’s always a great day out, entertaining the throngs of Wellingtonians passing by on the parade.


This item might be of particular interest to those who have been to the village of Leenane, at the head of Killary Harbour in Connemara.

“Come all you loyal Irish boys wherever you may stand
Think on your lovely mountains and bonnie Ireland
Although you are gone foreign my blessing on you pour
Who loved your dear ancestors on lovely Leenane Shore”

This is the beginning of a poem or song I found in The Dúchas Project. It holds fascinating snippets of Folk Tales, and Poems and Songs from around Ireland.

Naturally, I went looking for material related to my family (as well as Desiree’s, of course!), and found some reported by a distant cousin, a son of a younger brother of my great-grandfather. Frank Mulligan (also my father’s name!) was a teacher who lived and worked at Lisnashanna in Co Cavan. Extraordinary! Have a look for yourself.

Mark Your Diaries

Sunday 5 December Wellington Irish Day 2021
Saturday 11 December HVIS Adults’ Xmas Party
Thursday 16 December Book Club
Friday 17 December Cards & Music night
Sunday 19 December Kids’ Xmas Party


I am delighted to be able to introduce you to one of our newest “members”. Dora (or Theadora) Rose Boniface was born at 12.52am on 25 October 2021 in London, weighing in at 3.66kg. Her (understandably) proud mum is Lisa Bazalo, who was HVIS & NZ Rose of Tralee in 2014. The family are moving back to NZ when that can be arranged, and I’m sure they will bring wee Dora to meet us in person.

Bridget told me that “The arrival of Theadora Rose has been very distracting, exciting & indeed consuming.” Probably sums up a grandparent’s dilemma pretty well! Especially because Lisa’s sister had a baby 3 weeks after Lisa! So don’t be surprised by the width of Bridget’s smile when next you see her.

In other news, Ray Janes has been through a bout of surgery, and came through it well. Great to hear you’re on the mend Ray!

And Anne O’Carroll is scheduled for surgery to deal with blockages in the arteries in her legs in the next few days. She is understandably looking forward to movement being easier after the operation. We’re thinking of you Anne.

Finally, to those younger members completing studies: congratulations on navigating the vicissitudes and complexities of the year. And to those who were recognised by their school for achievement or success, our especial congratulations. Good luck to all those completing their end-of-year assessments; enjoy the summer break – you deserve it.


If you’re meeting friends or guests at the Club, they need to sign the Visitors’ Book as well.


The first ingredient of any recipe has to be: “find a man who can cook it” (Kay Braid)

Crusty Roast Lamb (Uaineoil faoi chrusta)

A contender to grace your Christmas table?


1 Shoulder of lamb 4 lb 1 c Fresh breadcrumbs
2 T Butter, soft Pinch mixed herbs
1 1/2 lb Potatoes, peeled, sliced 1 Lg onion, diced
1 Lg cooking apple (Peeled, cored and sliced) 10 oz Chicken stock


Wipe the lamb over, and cut criss-cross slits around the top. Mix together the breadcrumbs, herbs, butter, salt and pepper. Rub the mixture onto the top of the meat, pressing down well so that it sticks. Fill the bottom of the roasting pan with the vegetables and apple, mixing them and the seasoning well. Put the joint on top, then pour the stock into the pan, but not over the meat.

Cover loosely with a piece of foil and bake at 400 F for half an hour. Then lower the heat to 350F, and cook for a further 20-25 minutes to the pound.

Take off the foil for the final half hour, and check that the vegetables are nearly cooked. Finish the cooking without the foil, to let the top get brown and crusty.


You've found us at:

Keep in touch at:
: look for @huttirish.
: look for huttirish.

Remember the Hall is available for Hire to members. All this helps your Club financially, so recommend us to your friends.

Don’t forget the Club is open every Friday 7.30 p.m. to 1 am, and at other times by request.

Published by: Hutt Valley Irish Society.
12 Raroa Rd, Lower Hutt, Phone: (04) 569-6139

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