Road Bowling Hutt Valley style

[after Samuel Johnson]

The Mangaroa Valley (near Upper Hutt for those who don�t know) is the venue for this unique event.

In 2007, the weather was pleasant, but that didn't deter the small band of dedicated bowlers. It has been a few years since the last such event, as the previous organisers moved on to other things.

A group of hardy members decided it was event worth preserving and continuing, so ...

We gathered at Mangaroa School (to whom our thanks for the use of their facilities). Having registered and formed into 'teams' (well, more or less!) we set off!

The course is 1.7 kilometres each leg, so it is a pleasant walk (spoilt by the need to throw the bowls!), and starts about 10:30. The course is an "out and back" circuit, with a break for a drink and a snack at the halfway point.

Needless to say HVIS members are preparing for future years when we will challenge teams from other societies for the right to call ourselves National Champions.

And when the bowling is completed, we repair to the clubrooms, sit around, indulging in those two most Irish of pastimes - eating and singing - with our own resident accompanists.   All in all a fine day out.